InTrans / Nov 18, 2021

InTrans graduate students win ITS Minnesota scholarship awards

Andalib Shams
Ashirwad Barnwal

Institute for Transportation (InTrans) graduate students Ashirwad Barnwal and Andalib Shams won both of the 2021 ITS Minnesota Graduate Student Scholarship awards.

Each year, ITS Minnesota awards two graduate students from a five-state region with a scholarship to recognize exceptional students for their interest in the transportation industry, particularly intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The awards are based on ITS related work that may comprise of a paper, project, or research work done by the student.

Both Barnwal and Shams submitted papers based on work they’ve conducted at InTrans.

Barnwal’s submitted paper is titled “Sugar and Stops in Drivers with Insulin-Dependent Type 1 Diabetes.” It was based on research under Barnwal’s doctorate advisor Anuj Sharma that studied the link between acute physiology in drivers with type 1 diabetes and their stopping behavior at stop-controlled intersections.

Shams’ submitted paper is titled “Impact of Sensing Range on the Performance of Real-Time Adaptive Signal Control.” It was based on research under Shams’ doctorate advisor Christopher Day that integrated vehicle trajectory data in traffic signal control and analyzed the operational benefits of sensing range on adaptive signal control algorithms.

Both students credited their respective co-authors for their success in this award.

InTrans students have won at least one of the two annual ITS Minnesota graduate student scholarship awards since 2017. This was the first year since 2017 that InTrans students won both graduate prizes. The students who won in previous years are as follows:

  • 2020: A.M. Tahsin Emtenan
  • 2019: Ali Nahvi
  • 2018: Raju Thapa
  • 2017: Vesal Ahsani and Chenhui Liu